Historic England: The Lake District

This illustrated history provides a nostalgic look at

the Lake District’s past and highlights the special

character of some of its most important historic sites.

The photographs are taken from the Historic England

Archive, a unique collection of over 12 million

photographs, drawings, plans and documents

covering England’s archaeology, architecture, social

and local history. Pictures date from the earliest days

of photography to the present and cover subjects from Bronze Age burials and medieval churches to cinemas and seaside resorts.

The Lake District is by far the UK’s most popular

national park. Every year some 15 million people come

here to explore the region’s fells and countryside. Ever

since the Romantic poets arrived in the nineteenth

century, its panorama of craggy hilltops, mountain

tarns and glittering lakes have been stirring the

imaginations of visitors. Among the many writers

who found inspiration here are William Wordsworth,

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Arthur Ransome and, of

course, Beatrix Potter, a lifelong lover of the Lakes.

This book will help you discover the beauty that these

authors fell in love with.


Amberley Publishing (2017)

ISBN: 9781445676128


+£2.50 p&p