A-Z of Lancaster

The quiet city of Lancaster may no longer be as well known as it was in the past, but delve a little deeper and you will come across an exciting story, two millennia in the making.

From its foundation as a Roman fort on the River Lune, to its rapid expansion in the Georgian period with the creation of its port for use in the slave trade, through to the Victorian industries that made Lancaster famous, the city has always been an important place with an exciting past at the heart of Lancashire.

Local author Billy Howorth takes the reader on a fascinating A–Z tour of the city’s history, exploring its nooks and crannies, relating many tales of the most interesting people and places along the way. Fully illustrated with photographs from the past and present, A–Z of Lancaster will appeal to residents and visitors alike.


Amberley Publishing (2016)

ISBN: 9781445663401


+£2.50 p&p